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Conceived in 2003, Landscape Nirvana is a Landscape Design studio serving the San Francisco Bay area. Landscape Nirvana specializes in designing beautiful gardens that are sustainable and functional for it's clients. Through detailed plans and renderings, Landscape Nirvana can help you transform your current landscape into a peaceful and natural outdoor space that you will want to spend much more time in.

Dedication to Quality

Landscape Nirvana possesses a depth of knowledge in all phases of landscaping including plant knowledge. There are hundreds of plant species available for the landscape so choosing the right ones is crucial to having a successful landscape in the years to come. Landscape Nirvana has a deep knowledge of plants and trees that will thrive in the San Francisco Bay area and keeps up to date on the new arrivals to the trade to provide the very best plant choices for it's clients. We specialize in the following:

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